Why did we choose to Open-Source KELSIEM Realtime Security?

Open Sourcing is thing to be doing these days, but why exactly did KELSIEM choose to open-source their Realtime Security SIEM product?


Top 4 Reasons why we chose to Open-Source KELSIEM Realtime Security


1. Run your SIEM in the way you want.

KELSIEM Realtime Security was a managed service. But we have so many people wanting to run it themselves.

Perhaps you like to experiment with technology before you implement it. Or perhaps you wanted to install it on-prremise and manage it yourself.

We now give you the choice to do both.


2. Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

We spent years developing KELSIEM into a truly automated solution and we reaped the benefits of lower costs because of this. Until now, you've not had access to this same automation.


3. We want to create an ecosystem, not just a product or service.

There are an amazing number of smart people out there who can add to the KELSIEM ecosystem and now we have a way for them to do exactly that.


4. We believe that giving back to the open source community has its own rewards.

For years we've taken the best of what the open source community has had to offer, and now it's time to share what we've produced.




Is there anything that won't be open sourced?

Some parts of the Corroboree Correlation Engine won't be open-sourced. This is understandable because we built this proprietary technology to be the heart of the Managed Service. However, we may licence the source code to partners at some time in the future.




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Zak Siddiqui

Written by Zak Siddiqui

Zak Siddiqui is the Founder at KELSIEM based in Sydney, Australia. He spends his time helping companies define and achieve their security goals using next-generation technologies. Unsatisfied by existing SIEM products, Zak embarked on a project to come up with something better, faster, and cheaper. As Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect of KELSIEM, he helped build and launch KELSIEM REALTIME SECURITY, a managed cloud SIEM service. Zak enjoys tinkering and exploring new technologies to embrace the future, break existing paradigms, and sharing his journey with others.